Choosing only 13 campaigns (2013) was not easy at all, 2013 was a really creative year.
The following agencies and advertisers show that advertising is not only about great ideas, strategies and technological innovation, but also about telling stories that consumers can identify with on some level.
Here are the 13 campaigns that by making me laugh, reflect or just enjoy a moment have left an impression on me.

1) Chipotle Mexican Grill “The Scarecrow” Creative Artists Agency

2) Young Director Award “Whisper” BETC

3) Google Search “Reunion” Ogilvy & Mather, India

4) “The Lover” Being

5) Le Trèfle “Emma” Leo Burnett France

6) Mercedes-Benz France “The Monolith” CLM BBDO / Wanda Productions France

7) Google France “Same Sex Marriage” Ogilvy Public Relations France

8) Save Our Sons “The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented” Red Agency Australia

9) Evian “Baby&Me” BETC France

10) Samsung “King of TV City” CHI & Partners

11) Musée de la Grande Guerre du pays de Meaux “Facebook1914” DDB Paris France

12) El Tiempo “Voice Bank” SANCHO BBDO

13) Coca-Cola “Small World Machines” Leo Burnett Sydney and Chicago

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