Iguazu Falls: Brazil or Argentina side?

BIG question.

Before visiting this magical place I heard and read lots of different opinions, “Argentinian side is the best, Brazilian side has better views, in the Argentinian side you “live” the waterfalls…” and way more opinions that really didn´t help me decide. So I ended visiting both, and what a great decision.

Since I was in argentina I started with the Argentinian side. From Puerto Iguazu you need to  take a bus from the public bus station, there is one almost every half hour and it leaves you at the park entrance.

• Entrance fee in 2015 260,00 ARS= 17 USD

Once in the park you can either take the train (included in the entrance ticket) that takes you form one place to another, or you can walk if you decide to spend the whole day there.This side is really big, you can see the waterfalls from everywhere, up, down, and if the rains season allows it, there is even a point from where you can actually go inside the river.

The next day, captivated by the beauty of the place, I took a bus from the same bus station that crossed the border and went to the Brazilian side. You need to check the schedule, the bus service to cross is less frequent.

• Entrance fee in 2015 65 BRL = 18 USD

From the moment you arrive to the park entrance, you can easily spot lots of differences between one park and the other. While the Argentinian side keeps the latino rustic spirit with the crowded train and dirt railroads, Brazilian side more modern, clean and organized; there is a bus instead of a train. Yes, Brazilian side is smaller, it took me less than 2 hours to visit it while the day before I spent at least 4 hours exploring the area, but the view here is really something.

There is a bridge over a waterfall that takes you to the heart of the Devil’s Throatfall where you get soaked both in water and joy. In both sides you can take a boat, helicopter and hiking tours, beacause of a tight schedule I didn´t.

Now, having explained in a few words my experience, I pass to my opinion. This place is simply amazing. I read somewhere some words that describe to perfection my feelings towards this magnificent place “THE MAGNIFICENCE, BEAUTY AND POWER OF NATURE”.

Even up till this day, I don’t dare to say which side is better, the place itself is pure magic; not even for a second it stopped mesmerizing me. This is a place that without a doubt I recommend everyone to visit, and above all, give the opportunity to both sides to impress you. Trust me, you won´t regret it.