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Located in the heart of Spaccanapoli, the historic center of Naples, this world famous pizzeria is featured in every Naples’s guide book. Opened by the prize winning master pizzaiolo Ernesto Cacialli, the pizzeria was renamed Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente in honor of the former President Bill Clinton who was invited by Ernesto to taste his creations in 1994.

Very popular among tourists, but this restaurant also enjoys a cult following amongst the locals. A lot of Italians will tell you that it’s the best pizza in Italy.

You can just buy a slice of pizza at the counter to take away as lots of Italians do, or you can ask to be seated inside. Downstairs you´ll find a trattoria with basic decoration: wood chairs, pictures, awards and stone walls as if a cellar or cave.

The pizzas are cooked in an oven on thin crust with fresh ingredients and they are as long as your arm, but if you are in a mood to try something different, the menu offers more than just pizzas, like salads, antipasto, pie, etc.

The staff is friendly but if you happen to go during a weekend you risk to find the place crowded and with a low service. Family ambiance with lots of tourists and local people. Low prices, high quality and excellent flavor!

Hard to say if this is the best pizzeria in Naples but without a doubt one of the best. A mandatory stop when visiting Naples!