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When looking for an easy and cheap lunch at the french capital, Paris has much more to offer than just crêpes and paninis. Falafel sandwiches have become a great alternative and a must-eat tourist destination.
Located in the Jewish mini-district in the hip Paris neighborhood known as the Marais, the pedestrian Rue de Rosiers offers 3 three famous options within a block of each other. You will easily spot L’As du Fallafel thanks to the long queue in front of its green façade and take-away window.

Cheap, messy and seemingly obligatory. This place has been written up so many times and many guides refer to it “at the spot not to be missed for an original lunch and simply the best falafel in the world”, but until you’ve tried their falafel (and the experience that comes with it) you won’t quite understand all the fuss.

While waiting in the queue, which actually runs fast, a guy will approach to take your order and your payment on the spot. You hand the “ticket” to the guy at the window and voilà, your deliciously tasting falafel is handed to you!

A falafel sandwich costs €5 to go, €7.50 in the dining room, pretty good prize for a really big and tasty sandwich! Piled high with crunchy cabbage, grilled eggplant, hummus, tahini, and hot sauce. Most importantly, the falafel themselves are light, crisp and green with fresh herbs. The shawarma (grilled, skewered meat) sandwich, made with chicken or lamb, is also one of the finest in town.

Overall, this is definitely a MUST try in Paris. At lunchtime the place gets really crowded, but the queue is definitely worth it!

Good to know: Friday evening is closed for Shabbat.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LAs-du-Fallafel/219467498071637?rf=205220809523434


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Located in the heart of Spaccanapoli, the historic center of Naples, this world famous pizzeria is featured in every Naples’s guide book. Opened by the prize winning master pizzaiolo Ernesto Cacialli, the pizzeria was renamed Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente in honor of the former President Bill Clinton who was invited by Ernesto to taste his creations in 1994.

Very popular among tourists, but this restaurant also enjoys a cult following amongst the locals. A lot of Italians will tell you that it’s the best pizza in Italy.

You can just buy a slice of pizza at the counter to take away as lots of Italians do, or you can ask to be seated inside. Downstairs you´ll find a trattoria with basic decoration: wood chairs, pictures, awards and stone walls as if a cellar or cave.

The pizzas are cooked in an oven on thin crust with fresh ingredients and they are as long as your arm, but if you are in a mood to try something different, the menu offers more than just pizzas, like salads, antipasto, pie, etc.

The staff is friendly but if you happen to go during a weekend you risk to find the place crowded and with a low service. Family ambiance with lots of tourists and local people. Low prices, high quality and excellent flavor!

Hard to say if this is the best pizzeria in Naples but without a doubt one of the best. A mandatory stop when visiting Naples!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Il-Pizzaiolo-del-Presidente/187750597992699


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Blue Bird Cafe is a very interesting cafeteria and a temple for real coffee lovers.
Located at Budapest´s Gozsdu Court (Jewish Quarter) it has a really extensive coffee offer. You can choose from several hand made roasted beans from different regions such as Kenya, Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico and Indonesia. A lot of colorful illustrations and storyboards on the wall show you the world of coffee-making.
Downstairs they have their own coffee lab and raw beans. Another highlight is that in addition to being a cafe, Blue Bird roasts their own coffee. This means they have the ability to offer a variety of espresso options at a time without sacrificing freshness and you can also buy some selected hand-roasted coffee beans to take home.

As for the interior décor it is fantastic, very creative and cozy. Different style furniture, blue colored origami birds, blankets in each seat and a parrot welcoming the guests. A simple menu printed on wooden boards offers hungry people a selection of delicious cakes and pastries (all home made), breakfast options, sandwiches and salads.

A little more expensive than some places but offers great coffee in an extraordinary atmosphere. Friendly staff and nice low volume music.

I you are a coffee lover with some free time this is a great option to discover new flavors. And if you are just visiting Budapest and looking for a cozy place to have tasty coffee, good breakfast or a delicious dessert then I´m sure you´ll enjoy this place.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/bluebirdcafehungary


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This former church is now an Arabic-kitsch café in the popular street market of Albert Cuyps.
An impressive setting, nice staff and really good food. North African menu, mostly Turkish, with vegetarian options ☺

Portions are big. The price is worth the value. If you are planning on visiting Amsterdam you definitely should try it!

website: http://www.bazaramsterdam.nl